Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are group pictures taken the same day as individual pictures?

A:  Student individual portraits are taken on a separate day from the group/class pictures. This allows time for students that are new to the school, or were absent, to be present during the time of the group photo.


Q:  What is the turnaround time for receiving my child’s portraits?

A:  Generally portraits are delivered to the school within approximately two weeks of the event.  The photos will be passed out in class and individually labeled for each child.


Q:  What if my child was absent on picture day?

A:  “To Be Announced” photo make-up days will be provided for the photography event. Your child will given a notice of this date once it has been determined.


Q:  Can children be photographed together as a sibling, or “buddy” photo?

A:  Our photo set ups have been specifically designed for a single subject, to deliver the highest quality portrait of your child.


Q:  I forgot to give my child their envelope on picture day!  Is it too late to order?

A:  Late orders are generally not accepted.  Contact your school school to see if exceptions have been made.